About Us

Welcome to our Online Quran Teaching Services, where we offer a wide range of Islamic courses, character-building lessons, and life reformation classes in accordance with the teachings of Sharia. Our online Quran classes have helped thousands of Muslims across Pakistan and other countries to learn how to read the Quran.

Our mission is to spread the teachings of the Quran and Sunnah, we now offer this online Quran academy to our Islamic brothers and sisters who are busy with their daily lives or are elderly and have not yet learned to properly recite the Quran. We urge all our Muslim brothers and sisters to enroll in this online Quran teaching service and learn to read the Quran correctly.

As Muslims, it is our religious duty not only to recite the Quran but also to understand every word of it. If you are struggling to recite the Quran correctly, take advantage of our online Quran teaching service and enlighten your heart with the sacred holy book of Almighty Allah.

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