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We are proud to teach you and your child in a safe and friendly environment. We make sure that the students find the study quick, easy, and enjoyable. We believe that our well-designed online Quran courses are enough to train you in recitation and Tajweed. Moreover, we provide you with an opportunity to understand Quran in the Arabic language. For this, we are bringing two courses: “Basic Arabic Grammar” and “Quran with Tafseer”.

We deliver the best online education in Arabic, Quranic, and Islamic learning. To make it easier for you to find what you desire, we have designed six different online Quran courses.


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Online Basic Quran Reading Course (Nazira)

Online Basic Quran Reading Course introduces students to the Arabic Script. It also initiates students to basic Tajweed rules. This is our one of the best Online Quran Courses. This course is particularly beneficial for those trying to recite the Holy Quran for the first time. Children, as well as adults, are the target of this course. Online Quran academy focuses on the pronunciation of Arabic alphabets. The curriculum consists of a single booklet. This booklet is called Norani Qaida. It has been taught in traditional madrasas for centuries. We also provide videos for the students. These videos help to clarify anything missed during the class. After completing the Basic Quran Reading Course, students can recognize and spell Arabic and Quranic words. In Sha Allah!

Online Quran with Tajweed Course

Every Muslim must recite the Holy Quran according to the rules of the Tajweed. In the Quran with Tajweed Course, our online teachers will help students read the Holy Quran: not even leaving a single page! We will show the students how to apply the rules of Tajweed while reciting the Quran. The rules will include Ghunna, Ikhfa, Qalqala, and others. The online Quran teachers will also explain some advanced rules of the Tajweed. For that matter, we will provide a PDF of the holy Quran where the rules are colored. It will help students in practicing on their own.

However, the main focus of this course is to eliminate all the mistakes in reciting the Holy Quran. The course is also self-paced, like the previous one.

Online Quran Memorization Course (Hifz)

Online Quran Memorization Course is for those who can read and recite Quran with proper Tajweed. We will check applicants with a random Tajweed Test beforehand.

It requires great dedication to memorizing the holy Quran. In the Online Quran Memorization Course, our teachers will guide students on how to memorize the Holy Quran. The teachers will provide a particular schedule. This schedule will help the students memorize new verses and revise previous verses. The duration of the course depends on the time and effort put in by the student.

Islamic Studies for Kids

Muslim kid should know some essential basics about their religion. They should know that Islam is not that religion which derives its people from enjoying their life; but the religion that permits everyone to enjoy life without doing forbidden actions, as Muslims should avoid doing haram deeds, and those who abstain from committing sins enjoy pure and delightful lives. They must know that by following the prophet’s actions and deeds, Allah (SWT) will love them and consequently people would love them because all of the prophet’s actions were good and benevolent.

This course includes an explanation of the five pillars of Islam, how can they perform Wudhu (ablution), the five daily prayers and how to perform them. There is also a part of the biography of the prophet (PUH). Kids will memorize some Dhikr and Du’aa. They will learn some proper manners like using the right hand, the etiquette of using the toilet, etiquette of eating and drinking, etiquette of going out, the etiquette of sleeping. They will learn how to deal with parents in a way that pleases Allah and bring His blessing and forgiveness.

Through this course, the kid will memorize some supplications of the morning and evening and know that these supplications are for protecting him/her. She/he also will learn other supplications like, what they should say before eating, before and after entering the bathroom, and when entering the house and getting out of it, supplications in a way to the mosque, when entering, and when exiting. They will also learn some of Allah (SWT) names, and their meaning. Moreover, how we can make dua by using these names. They will learn some of the prophet’s hadiths and will learn through them how the prophet had excellent and noble manners. The teacher will encourage the student to follow the noble and faithful prophet (PBUH). They also will learn some of his Sirah, which is access to know his great companions. Students will appreciate the companions of the Prophet and will know how great they were, and how they had great and noble characteristics because they follow their prophet (PUH).

In this online course, the student will learn the basics of Tawhid, Sirah, Hadith, tafsir, and some good manners and Islamic etiquettes. They will know that Allah is One, He is the creator, the giver of life, All-Hearing. Students will know about the faith of a Muslim; which includes; the messenger of Allah, the angels, the book of Allah.

We have the best teachers, studying from them is learning as well as fun, they are polite which makes kids love learning about Islam. The friendly behavior of the teachers makes the Islamic studies the favorite subject of the individuals. We do not force the individuals to learn, we make them learn with love.

Quran Translation (Tafsir) Course

The literal meaning of tafsir in the Arabic language is to open or to explain, interpret or comment. Technically, the science of tafsir is a branch of knowledge in which the meanings of the Quran are explained and its injunctions and wisdoms are described openly and clearly (al-Burhan). Addressing the Holy Prophet, the Glorious Quran says:

“We revealed the Quran to you so that you explain to the people what has been sent down to them.” (16:44)

The Holy Quran also says:

“Surely, Allah did a great favor to Muslims when He sent a Messenger to them from among them who would recite His verses before them and purify them and teach them the Book and the Wisdom.” (3:164)

Keeping this in view, it should be noted that the Holy Prophet not only taught the words of the Quran to the people but he also explained them in detail. This is why, on some occasions, the revered Companions had to devote years at a time to learning a single surah.

This course has been specially established for those people who are fond of Quran translation, its interpretation and its Tafseer. This course enables them to find the true spirit of Allah’s message.
We teach with the help of the best tutors who make sure that you are learning the best through this course. Our Dars-e-Nizami’s certified & high qualified teachers (Ulamas) have a good tutoring method and a proper learning environment so that the students can study the Quran in a comfortable and reliable way.

Online Husn-e-Qira’t-e-Quran

Can your child recite the Quran in the voice of Mishari bin Rashid? Absolutely, they can. Al Masood Academy is offering the best course for your child, where they will learn to recite the Quran exactly like Mishari bin Rashid Alafasy.

Husn-e-Qirat, which translates to “The Beauty of Quranic Recitation,” is a concept that encapsulates the art and mastery of reciting the Holy Quran with excellence, precision, and melodiousness. It represents the harmonious blend of proper pronunciation, accurate Tajweed rules, and heartfelt expression that brings the words of the Quran to life.

Husn-e-Qirat is not limited to mere technical recitation; it goes beyond that, incorporating a deep understanding of the Quranic verses, their meanings, and the ability to convey the intended message to the listeners. It involves captivating the hearts of the audience through the power and beauty of one’s voice, modulation, and rhythm.

This art form requires dedication, practice, and a connection with the divine words of the Quran. Reciters strive to develop their own unique style while adhering to the rules and traditions of the recognized schools of Qira’at. Husn-e-Qirat competitions and events provide platforms for talented reciters to showcase their skills and inspire others.

Husn-e-Qirat not only serves as a means of spiritual upliftment but also as a means of preserving and transmitting the oral tradition of the Quran. It holds a special place in the hearts of Muslims, as it brings them closer to the divine message and instills a sense of awe, reverence, and appreciation for the beauty of the Quran.

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